Journey: Flying with eagle


Journey of the week, first week of January, 2016

What do we need to know for the first week of the new year?

We enter journey space through a hollow tree. You stand on a fragile ledge of ice and snow dressed in your cold weather gear. Somehow, you have gotten trapped here in this dangerous place above a deep snowy valley. The ice begins to crack and buckle under your weight . You feel yourself slipping, slipping. You feel fear as your body slides uncontrollably toward the snowy valley far below. Just as you fall, bald eagle appears above, soaring effortlessly in the clear blue sky.

Your spirit is transmuted to pure energy – a golden bubble of light. You float upward and merge with your guide and helper, bald eagle. As you become one with the bird, you see with eagle’s eyes, feel the air beneath your wings, smell the sharp scent of evergreen. You can see for miles from this height – distant snowy mountains, rolling hills, harvested farm fields dusted by snow and valleys coursed by silvery frozen rivers. You see fish beneath the ice, you see tiny rodents tunnel through the snow. You see the towns, buildings and busy roadways built by humans through eagle’s eyes. All is seen without judgment or thought.

Now, still merged with eagle, you fly down to one of the frozen rivers and follow it downstream until the ice breaks up and the water flows freely. You spot a salmon below the surface and dive, capturing it in your talons. As you rise and land in a nearby oak tree to feast, you find a large pearl inside the fish. This is a spiritual gift for you – tears and grief transformed into a precious jewel.

After the feast, you continue downstream and descend sharply as the water falls many feet to huge boulders below – a beautiful waterfall. Bear is fishing at the surging pool below the fall. You/eagle simply take in the scene and move on.

Now you/eagle perch atop another oak. All the moons, suns planets, and stars that will appear this year encircle you around the horizon and shine with amazing brilliance, surrounding you and filling you with amazement and awe. Now you are shown on the surface of the moon, roots growing from you through the moon, down to the earth and through the core of the earth itself. You soar above, yet you are still rooted to the earth, your physical home.

Now, again perched on the oak tree, eagle’s feathers begin to drop, one at a time. The shedding speeds up until eagle has no feathers left. Now eagle’s body dissolves and only spirit remains. Eagle’s indestructible energy separates from you and expands to encircle the earth. Sun and moon dogs are the light refracting from the energy of eagle’s spirit.

Once again, you are in human form and you climb down the tree to solid earth, knowing that you are pure spirit in human form. You know you belong to this earth but with new expanded consciousness.

Thank you to eagle and all the compassionate helping spirits that made this journey possible.