Introducing shamanic journeys

2015-12-03 11.22.56

Each week, starting in January 2016, I will post an original shamanic journey for those of us who seek spiritual healing and guidance. Intentions for the journeys will vary each week. Please read these journeys with an eye toward metaphor and symbolism. There can be many layers of meaning as in a fairy tale. Journey space has nothing to do with logic or left brained thinking, so please don’t expect things to make sense in that way. Expect magic!

You alone are to interpret the meaning of each journey for yourself. Each reader may have a different interpretation and find a different meaning for themselves. These journeys do not come from me, but through me, channeled by my compassionate spirit guides and helpers for you. I thank them for their love and guidance!

Please feel free to comment!  I welcome your ideas for journey intentions.

My healing sessions often conclude with a shamanic journey focused on your personal intentions. If you would like to find out more about receiving energy healing, shamanic healing and your own journey from me, please contact me.

Many blessings,

Betty Young