Journey to the top of the world

Journey of the week, 1-15-16

(Betty’s note: this journey is long, so the first half will be posted now, and the conclusion will be posted next week)

You enter a hollow tree and slide down a fire pole to reach journey space. Landing on the ground, you tumble a bit after falling out of the tree root.

Danger! Fire- a huge wall of orange flame encircles you. Everything in the path of the fire has been consumed, and the flames are creeping closer. The heat almost burns your face. However, a message comes: “Sit still in the center of the circle.”

You sit in on the heated ground quietly, observing the raging fire with no fear. Blinking slowly, time passes. Opening your eyes, the fire has died out and tiny green shoots poke out of the blackened earth between charred stumps. Blinking again, time passes and your opened eyes see a new forest, new growth, fresh green pine and fir saplings reaching for the sun. Blinking once more, time passes and now the forest is mature. Stately old growth trees tower all around the circle, branches interwoven, providing a habitat for all creatures of the woods.

The beautiful evergreen forest calls out somehow, and you set out on a journey. The ground tilts sharply upward after a time, making it more difficult to find footing. The earth is slippery with fallen pine needles.

There is a rope on the ground. It is attached to a strong little burro. Burro tows you upward, helping you make your way up the steep slippery slope up past the tree line to a magnificent ridge, a continental divide. Burro continues on over the ridge and spirals down into the valley. You wish to stay on the ridge, so let go of the tow rope and allow burro to find her way alone. Wind blows at a gale force, almost knocking you off your feet into the valley below – a dangerous and possibly fatal drop. You realize if you become clear and open, the wind will blow right through and you will stay on your feet. Now rain comes and pours down, washes you. Roots grow from your lower body deep into the earth.

There is a flat stone to sit on. Now lightning strikes with huge deafening bolts, so close your hair stands on end, but still you sit on the stone. Unafraid. Soon the storm passes and the view clears. Every landscape on earth is spread out below- meadows, farm fields, rolling hills, rivers, streams, estuaries, the seashore, deserts, caves, rocky places; and every form of aggression know to man plays out in the panorama of life at your feet. You see war, domestic violence, ugly things in several places. The ugliness is dwarfed by the light, beauty, love, kindness, generosity that fills the earth below.  You see, feel, and know these blessings.

To be continued—-




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