Journey to the top of the world (conclusion)

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Cave entrance

… Now every bird of the air flocks close by, circling you as you sit on the stone at the top of the world. The birds whirl upward and away. Only sparrow stays behind to guide you. Sparrow is a tough and strong survivor, and will teach you.

You walk down the near side of the mountain, sparrow on your shoulder, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of colored rock, crystal blue skies, fleecy clouds. You are soon below the treeline at a gorgeous pond at the roots of an ancient oak. Kneeling, you see your reflection in the water – glowing and happy.

A shadow crosses the reflection, and fear strikes for a second. It is horse. Appaloosa has come to drink from the pond. You mount horse and spiral down the mountain, through many more beautiful landscapes, to a rocky entrance in the earth. Horse spirals down into the cave just as you have guided him. It opens like a black hole in earth. Soon horse stops because the path has narrowed too much for safe footing. There is no way forward and no way back. Going forward would mean falling into the darkness below.  You dismount and assess the situation, then climb the sheer wall of limestone searching for footholds and handholds. Danger pulses in your heart. You are determined and climb slowly and steadily out of the hole.  Horse has been left behind in the cave with great sadness.

You breathe easy when you reach the top – laying in the grass on the flat warm earth under a tree. A tearing sound nearby catches the ear. Horse is impatiently cropping the thick grass near you. Horse thought you needed to climb out of the hole on your own without any assistance!

You mount horse once again and ride to lower elevations, fording a wide river; heading home, coming to the gathering place where you enter and leave journey space. Grandmother, the spirit guide of this place meets you there and cups your face in her hands, whispers, “You are safe. You are loved.” She kisses your forehead. You thank horse, burro, sparrow, grandmother, and you return to this time and place.

Thank you to all helpers, power animals, and spirit guides who made this journey possible.