Shamanic healing to help you reclaim your true self

with Betty Young, Shamanic Healer, Energy Healer

Do you feel that something vital is missing from your life?

Do you feel off balance, disconnected, or empty in mind body or spirit?

Have you experienced harm, injury, or soul loss?

Shamanic healing can be an effective pathway for healing your spirit and reclaiming your life. It can offer truly transformative experiences and clearing for your past present and future. This work addresses the spiritual and energetic aspects of challenges in your life.

Alternative healing methods work well for many people. Shamanic healing and energy healing have been working for humans for tens of thousands of years and continue to evolve for the world we live in now.

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If you are experiencing any of these – soul loss, power loss, grief, heartache, intrusive and overshadowing energies, harm or injury in this life or past lives, emotional pain or spiritual disconnection, shamanic healing may help you.

Shamanic remedies for these conditions might include soul retrieval, healing with spiritual light, curse unraveling, past life regression, energy healing, compassionate depossession, a journey for divination, power retrieval or an elemental ceremony.

You may also receive intuitive information about your life path and purpose, help with relationships, messages from deceased loved ones and more.

Find out if shamanic healing is a good fit for you. Please call me at 515-292-3801 or send a message from my contact page.  Distance healing sessions  are also available.

 Shamanic healing and energy healing complement your medical and mental health care. They deal with the spiritual aspects of problems and are not a substitute for appropriate care from your doctor or mental health professional. Healing touch, alternative medicine, wellness, alternative health, Ames, Iowa, central Iowa, Betty Young, consultant