About Betty

Betty Young, Shamanic Healer, CHTP (Certified Healing Touch Practitioner) and Reiki III practitioner

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After my daughter sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident when she was 22, I became emotionally distressed and physically depleted. I was dealing with stress that threatened to undermine my active life.  (My daughter is fine now.)  I visited an energy healer who used both Reiki and Healing Touch and felt alive again for the first time in months.  She cleared my energy field and opened my closed chakras. Right away I had more energy and felt great again.

Then a deeply moving emotional and spiritual healing occurred for me when I went to a Shamanic healer. The sessions with her helped me release anxious feelings and old emotional baggage.  Soon after, I began to regain a sense of wholeness and re-connection with life.

After these amazing healing experiences I was drawn to learn the gentle yet powerful techniques and ancient healing arts that helped me come back to my true self.

My life’s work and joy has become assisting others in rediscovering their own true and wise selves.  I am grateful and honored to work in partnership with many compassionate helping spirits in doing this work.

Please know that you are not alone.  If you’d like to see how shamanic healing and energy healing can help you find the calm at your center, reclaim your inner light and power, please call me at 515-292-3801.

Warmly,  Betty Young

My training:

Carole Meade of Des Moines, Iowa trained me in Shamanic Healing practices.  During my  apprenticeship I learned to work closely with many compassionate helping spirits doing soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, curse unraveling, mediumship, energy extraction, shamanic journeys and spiritual healing.

I am also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP).  Healing Touch is an energy healing modality, with techniques for clearing and balancing the energy field and chakras and calming the mind.  The Healing Beyond Borders (formerly Healing Touch International) certification program consists of five levels of learning and a supervised apprenticeship with intense study for one year after level four.

I’m also a Reiki III practitioner, trained by Reiki Master Deb Kline of Ames Iowa.  Reiki is  a gentle energy healing method.

Ames, Iowa

I’ve been living in Ames since 2001.