Q: What is shamanic healing?

A: Shamanic healing is an ancient form of spiritual healing. I contact compassionate helping spirits on your behalf and ask them for guidance.  The spirits who work with me are guided by your needs and know how best to help. They send healing energy, images, symbols, words, insights, and stories –  whatever is needed to support you in your unique situation.   The spiritual information is channeled through me and I pass it on to you.

Q: How can Shamanic Healing help me?

A: Shamanic and energy work can offer effective healing experiences.  These may include chakra healing and aura clearing to allow more energy to flow in your body and in your life, spiritual healing and clearing after a trauma or loss, feeling whole again through soul retrieval, receiving messages and insights from the spirit about your situation, receiving guidance for major decisions and life transitions, letting go of unwanted or intrusive energy, calming anxious thinking, and emotional clearing.

Q. How does energy healing work?

A. Energy healing focuses on the body’s subtle energy system, the chakras and aura, and works with the natural wisdom of mind body spirit and emotions. Disturbances and blockages in a person’s energy field and chakras often precede illness. Balancing the subtle energy and clearing the blockages can help boost your body’s innate healing abilities. This is done through a strong intention for healing and gentle touch on the body and in the energy field.

Mind clearing technique
Photo courtesy of ABMP

Q. What healing techniques do you use?

A. Some of the techniques I use are chakra healing, clearing, and balancing, aura cleansing, shamanic journeys, past life regression, soul retrieval, compassionate depossession, curse unraveling, mediumship, energy extraction, helping souls cross to the light after death, and working with earthbound spirits.

Q: How often should I come for healing sessions?

A: The stress and challenges you are dealing with have probably been building up for awhile. If you are in crisis, suffering, or experiencing an emergency situation, you may need regular healing sessions, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly until you are feeling more balanced and calm.

If you are experiencing mild stress or tension You may feel much better after the first session and wait to reschedule until you feel the need for further healing work. You should feel that progress is being made each time you come in. 

Q: How long will my session take?

A: Sessions are about 60 to 90 minutes in length.  Your first visit includes paperwork and an in- depth visit about you, your history and your needs.

Q: What will I feel during my healing session?

A: You may feel sensations of heat, cold, pressure; tingling, buzzing, flowing or pulsing energy and/or a sense of peace and well-being during the session. Your stomach may gurgle. You may see colors.  You may experience unexpected emotions or have a spiritual experience.  Or, you may simply feel deeply relaxed.  Everyone’s experience is different!