Distance Healing

Receive healing in the comfort of home while I connect with you from my healing room in Ames, Iowa.

softly lit candle

Remote healing sessions may take an hour or longer as I assess, clear and balance your energy.  If you’ve requested shamanic healing, I’ll also do a shamanic journey for you which may include a soul retrieval and further energy work.

4 steps for your distance healing session:

First: We’ll discuss your goals and intentions for the session by phone or e-mail, and decide on a time to work together.

Second: Before our session, I ask that you make payment in full using the relevant Paypal option on my services page. When I receive notification of your payment from Paypal, your appointment is confirmed. Thank you!

Third: I’ll call at the appointment time and check in with you.  You can tell me more about what’s going on with you. Then we’ll hang up and you can relax and lie down in a comfortable quiet place as I do the work.

Fourth: We’ll reconnect over the phone when the session feels complete and I’ll report back to you. I’ll tell you about the work I did, what I noticed and felt about you and your energy.  I’ll share your journey, and we’ll have time to talk about your experiences.