Full spectrum healing session

Full spectrum sessions combine Shamanic Healing and Energy Healing practices as appropriate for your needs.  In person or distance sessions available. Each session you receive from me is guided by your healing intentions to address your specific goals and situation.

60-90 minutes

Renew your spirit, reclaim your life

Healing for the whole of you, mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


Shamanic Journey

A journey is a visit to the spirit world on your behalf. You receive information channeled from compassionate helping spirits, healing energy, practical information, images and stories meant only for you.

Receive spiritual healing and information

Since ancient times people have communicated with the spirit world and received guidance with shamanic journeys


Shamanic Journey with a detailed written narrative

I’ll do a shamanic journey for you, visit with you about it over the phone, type it up in complete detail, and e-mail it to you.

Journey with written notes

You will have a detailed record of your journey to keep and remember


One on one mentoring sessions

This program is for those of you who wish to deepen and develop your gifts, skills, and knowledge in becoming a healer, energy healing, shamanic healing techniques, and spiritual practices. These sessions are designed for you as an individual and based on your interests, learning style, and needs.

We can meet in in person in Ames, Iowa, via phone, or virtually, with google meet. Costs vary according to your needs and how long and often you would like to meet. We’ll discuss that at our first meeting.

Please contact me here for more information and we will discuss your individual needs.