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Beginning shamanic Journeying

Self Care for Empaths and Sensitive People

Shamanism 101


Learn the Ancient Art of shamanic journeying

Next class date to be decided: $90 in advance, $100 day of class

You can learn to communicate with the spirit world!

Learn to develop and trust your innate ability to receive spiritual information


For tens of thousands of years, people have communicated with the spirit world and asked for guidance through shamanic journeys. Journeying can enhance your life in many ways, from receiving help with decisions both large and small, to improvements in your health and well-being.

This class will give you a structure to begin your journeying adventures. We’ll cover entering and exiting journey space; connecting to compassionate and helpful spirit guides and power animals; asking for and receiving information and guidance; journeying for another person… and much more!

Beginning Shamanic Journeying is a hands on 7 hour class. This will include several 10 to 20 minute shamanic journeys plus guided meditations and group drumming.

Self Care for Empaths and Sensitive People

Next class date to be decided: $40

Learn to take good care of yourself too!

This 2 hour class is packed with lots of easy energy tips and techniques to help you thrive!


  • Discover easy techniques and strategies to keep yourself from absorbing the energy of others
  • Learn to energy test for self care
  • Find out more about the unique gifts and challenges of empaths

Shamanism 101

Next class date to be decided: A free introductory class

This free 1 hour interactive class will touch on the basics of shamanism, what shamanism is, how it works and how this ancient practice can help you and your family.