From Katelyn P – Central Iowa

“I would recommend Betty to people who need to heal some part of themselves. Working with her has been an eye opening and a soul opening experience for me.

I had to be able to feel like I could open up and trust who was working with me. From my very first appointment I felt welcomed and that Betty was the right healer for me. She makes you feel like you are in a safe and inviting space when you are dealing with heavy trauma and negative emotions.

I am a highly sensitive person and have been since I was a little girl. Until seeing Betty I could not make sense of these overwhelming feelings. It was like there was a wall in front of me and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to be.

Finally I reached out, found Betty, and ever since have knocked down that wall and finally feel better. I feel confident in myself again and have learned to trust in my journey more.

Over the years of seeing Betty I can look back at my transformation and see how far my own soul has grown and lightened. Through her healing work I feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My family and friends have noticed a difference in me and my overall attitude.

I encourage energy work, especially with Betty, for anyone who is feeling lost, stuck, or just unsatisfied with life in general.”


From Suzette S. – Ames, Iowa

“I went to Betty because I wanted to obtain healing from past childhood issues as well as the current stress that I was experiencing in my life.

DSCN8374 (480x640)

Suzette S.

Betty is a problem solver. She uses a combination of modalities — healing touch, shamanic journeying, drumming, mediumship. These are a unique mix that get to the root causes of an issue and resolve it.

When I share what is going on with me I am very grateful that she is an attentive listener. She brings through information honestly, but in a compassionate way.

I have always looked forward to my healing experiences with Betty.  They have helped me with get through some stressful periods in my life.

I would definitely recommend her to those looking for pain relief physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her spiritual insight and her hands-on-healing techniques helped me to feel less pain in my back and knees.

Thank you, Betty!”

From Galia H. – Pflugerville, Texas

“I approached Betty because I wanted to understand the deep satisfaction and closeness to Spirit I feel when I am in hospitals and medical settings and how I might experience this deep joy with others no matter the context. Galia

Betty was able to hear the underlying questions I had and went beyond the surface.

I really liked how Betty asked her guides to see the unseen and think the “un-thought of” in the journey which took the message to a deeper level.  I also appreciate knowing my spirit animal guides.

Betty left me with a daily practice that nurtures me. What a gift her insights were for me.”

From Pam C – Madrid, Iowa

“I got to a point when I knew I had some major healing to do and that my physical symptoms were connected to stuck emotions… I knew I needed not only healing touch, but also Shamanic Healing.

DSC_0069 (486x640)

Pam and friend

Being a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, I also need to receive healing sessions for myself every month.

I feel very fortunate that Betty was referred to me. She is a very kind and compassionate person who truly loves the work she is doing. She is very knowledgeable and keeps learning and developing to be able to help her clients the best way she can.”

From Abby S – Ames, Iowa

“I came to Betty for a deeper healing than I was receiving elsewhere… I feel that receiving energy healing and shamanic healing from Betty once a month has been a vital part of my recovery from hurtful events in my childhood and as and adult….even if some of the harm happened 30 + years ago.


Abby and friend

I like the consistency Betty provides with each session… Her peaceful manner allows me to find comfort in asking for help.

I now have more confidence in my ability to recognize what is bothering me… I also have tools to provide inner peace for myself. Receiving healing sessions from Betty has been rejuvenating, comforting and empowering for me.

I would recommend Betty to others. When I meet an adult in my life who is hurting and searching for peace, I pass along her information.”

From Phil L – Des Moines, Iowa

“I suffered for years from anxious thoughts… Even lying in my own bed I was tense and on alert… I was in the military, in Iraq and Afghanistan… Nothing I tried was helping.

P. Leake, Des Moines, Iowa

Phil L.

Receiving energy work and shamanic healing from Betty calmed me and put my mind at peace. Now I don’t think twice about going to a restaurant with my family…

…I like that Betty worked with me over the phone. I could lay in the comfort of my own home and receive healing.

This was a profound and life changing experience for me.

I would recommend Betty’s healing approach to anyone with anxious and worried thinking, especially military people.”

From Carla B -Ames, Iowa

“When I first started coming to Betty over 4 years ago, I often came to my sessions stressed and left feeling a deep sense of inner peace and calm.

I have been truly blessed to have Betty doing energy healing with me.  Betty is compassionate and accepting. She assists me in being an active part of my own healing process and focuses on the whole person mind, body, and spirit. She provides a safe place to experience nurturing and healing.

I highly recommend Betty’s healing sessions. I am grateful for all the healing she and her spiritual helpers have assisted me with. Thank you!”