How to Connect with a Nature Spirit

In the shamanic point of view, every thing and every living being has and is a spirit. We can communicate, learn from and live in partnership with these spirits. Spirits have access to information that we who live in a human body do not. The scope of our knowing is often limited by our human perspective, worries, fears, concerns and judgements.

Communicating with spirit, we can better understand the spiritual aspects of challenges and illnesses in our lives, receive wisdom and healing, heal relationship issues, and learn to live more effectively in this world.

The Spirit world is on a different energetic wavelength than our normal day to day human activity. When our brain wave frequencies slow down, we come into a relaxed and receptive state, necessary for attunement with spiritual information.

Shamanic practitioners and students deliberately slow the brain waves and enter into a trance state by listening to repetitive drumming. Shamanic journeying is an example of this. Meditating and spending time in nature also help you relax, slow down, and tune in.

Hawk Feather

To connect more deeply to spirit, choose a nature object, a leaf, stone, shell, flower, a fruit, berry, even a tiny radish sprout or small raisin. Find one that you will enjoy exploring through your senses.

Create or find a quiet place without a to-do list, the news, distractions like your phone or TV in the background, etc. Your quiet place might be outside in a beautiful natural area, leaning against a tree, or in a peaceful corner inside your home.

Lay your hands on the center of your chest and allow your awareness to move down to center in your heart. Let your thoughts float past in your head without giving them attention. (If they’re important, you can get back to them later) This will help your brain slow down. Feel your breath moving in and out, your chest rising and falling. Hear the sound of your breath. Focus on your sensations of touch, smell, sound, sight hearing. Allow yourself to let go of any tension in your body.

Skeleton Leaf

Now pick up the object you chose earlier. Take time to experience it with all your senses, letting all judgments go. Absorb the information you receive about its texture, scent, color, shape, form. Does it make a sound when you touch it? If this is something edible, savor the taste. How does it feel on your tongue?

Allow all of your awareness to be focused on this one thing. Experience it as though you were a curious young child seeing touching and exploring this interesting thing for the first time.

Now get a feel for this object’s energy. How does it feel in your hands? Do you enjoy holding it, or want to put it down immediately? You may receive subtle sensations that can’t be translated into words. Pay attention to them. They may come through any of your senses plus your sixth sense of knowing.

Stones and water

Ask the spirit of the object for a message and pay attention to what information comes through your being. Messages from spirit can come in many forms and can be very simple and direct. Often they come in symbolic form – showing you pictures, images, sounds, or other sensations that you then can interpret for yourself.

You can ask the spirit of your nature object questions – What you can I learn from you? ; What advice do you have for me? ; Please show me what I need to know about you. How can I thank you for speaking with me? Add any other simple question you might want to ask. Pay attention to everything that comes through for you.

If your ego mind demands attention and makes judgements about what you’re doing, (for example: “This is stupid.”; “I don’t have time for this.” ; “I can’t do this.”) try to imagine the thoughts evaporating – cool steam dissolving them, fog enveloping them… any image that works for you. Return your awareness to your heart and allow yourself to notice the sensations and spirit messages coming through.

When you’re ready to leave your meditation, disengage by thanking the spirit of the object for what you received, and let it know your time together is over. Set it down or take it back outside. Send a blessing and gratitude for its presence and sharing its wisdom.

leaf water
Floating leaf

Now is the time to write down any messages you received before you return to normal everyday concerns and tasks. You may forget them otherwise. Next, come back into your body by tapping your cheekbones, the center of your chest, collar bones or rubbing & massaging your feet to ground yourself and bring your awareness back into your body and your mind back into everyday life.

In this way, you can learn to connect with the spirits of nature and receive their advice, love, and wisdom and open yourself to a wider spectrum of awareness.

6 Tips for Getting Centered

Do you live in your head? Do you sometimes feel spacey and disconnected from reality?

Getting centered can help you feel more present and alive in your own body with a sharper focus and clearer mind.

I hate to admit it, but I had a car accident once because I wasn’t present in my body. My 7 month old granddaughter was in the hospital, and I felt anxious and worried. I left the hospital after dark, trying to find my daughter’s apartment, driving a rental car in a strange city, and got turned around. My mind was churning with anxiety about the baby. I realized I needed to go in the opposite direction and made a left turn from the wrong lane… while someone was passing me on that side… When I heard the metal crunching, I felt a sick, horrible feeling. No one was hurt, thank goodness.

That accident taught me a valuable lesson about making sure I’m centered and fully in my body every single day, especially while driving or doing other things that require my full attention and presence.

leaf water

Here are my top 6 tips for getting centered in your body.

  • Sit in meditation for several minutes.  Pay full attention to your breath or other sensations in your body.  Let your thoughts drift in and out like clouds across the sky.
  • Do a simple yoga routine such as sun salutations. I also like the poses legs up the wall and rotated stomach pose, for relaxing and getting centered. Try for more information and instruction or check out local yoga studios for classes. Also find instructional DVDs at your local library.
  • Imagine you’re a tree and send your roots down to the center of the earth. See your roots coming from your root chakra at the base of your spine and from your legs and feet. Feel the magnetic pull of the earth. Breathe in the earth energy through your roots into your lower body.
  • Make the lowest pitched sound possible without straining your voice. Use a vowel sound and see if you can feel the vibrations of the tone in your lower body.
  • Go for a nature walk without any electronics. Enjoy the beauty around you. Pay attention to the sensations that move through your body. Let your busy mind rest.
  • Live in your feet. This means to drop your awareness from your head and all the busy thinking and worry, and pay attention to the physical sensations in your feet. Try it for several minutes as you go about your day, and see how you feel afterward.